The Truth about Fake Designer Suits in Zimbabwe!!

The Truth about Fake Designer Suits in Zimbabwe


If you see anyone wearing a Designer Label in Zimbabwe it is Fake or even worse the person is fake.

Ok, that sounds extreme, let me be less dramatic…or let me show you the truth and you decide

The truth is that anyone who claims to have designer label in Zimbabwe is either very rich to buy original designers labels or they are a person wearing a fake counterfeit

Here is why…….

When people talk about Designer Suits, or Designer Brands they talking about Hugo Boss, Giorgio Armani, Paul Smith, Emporia Giorgio, Zegna, Burberry, Gucci, Versace, Saint Laurent, Dolce & Gabbana. Their intention is to buy these Designer Brands in Zimbabwe and even more interesting some people even brag they have designer brands in their wardrobe.

However, the hard truth is that people do not really know how Expensive Designer Brands Cost. Here is Price List range for designer brand

Suits = $1000 to $5000 each

Blazers = $500 -$1500 each

Trousers = $300-$1000 each

Shirts = $250 to $1000 each

This is the cost before adding the cost of shipping, customs duty, business expenses and profit to sell in Zimbabwe. To avoid making unfounded claims we must go to the Source = Official Shops for Original Designer Brands.


Hugo Boss Suits = $700 and above

Giorgio Armani Suits = $1000 and above

Paul Smith

Paul Smith = $1500 and above

Ermenegildo Zegna

Emwenegildo Zegna Suits = $3000 and above


GIORGIO ARMANI Suits = less than $100

HUGO BOSS Blazers = less than $50

PAUL SMITH Trousers = less than $30

ZEGNA Shirts = less than $25

So what’s happening when Designer Brands cost less than $1000 even more miraculous you find them for $100 in Zimbabwe?

The Answer = Fake Chinese Counterfeits

99,9% of designer brands you see in Zimbabwe are Fake Chinese Counterfeit Brands. In China they can even ask you what Designer Label you want to put on the any suit then brand the suit while you wait, and they can put any label Hugo Boss, Giorgio Armani or Ermenegildo Zegna, whatever you want deceive yourself or to deceive other people. So most people do this and bring Fake Designer Counterfeits to uninformed Zimbabweans who later brag they wear cheap designer labels.

My fellow gentlemen, the word cheap and designer can never be used in the same sentence. Most designer brands have built their business models around luxury and expensive products which they feature in their Official Branded Shops which are definitely not found in Zimbabwe.

These will be shocked to know people in Zimbabwe actually walk in lesser shops looking for suits less than $100 and even more miraculous are able to buy them. What is even worse is that these fake counterfeits are notoriously poor quality, losing color, shrinking, permanent wrinkles and tearing up within 2 or 3 months.

THE SOLUTION = New High Quality Suits from House of Gentlemen

Few businesses like House of Gentlemen have turned away from fake Chinese products and have turned to countries in Europe which produce high quality clothing.

These Clothing Brands in Europe are mostly high quality though they are not well known, which is an advantage since well known designer brands like Hugo Boss add more profit to their products due to the additional value of their Brand Name rather than the true cost of the product. However, unknown brands concentrate more on product quality since they don’t have the value addition of an overvalued brand name to add to the true cost of the product hence they concentrate more on producing high quality products equal to designer brands yet still affordable.


The Lesson

In Zimbabwe don’t judge clothing by labels especially fake labels. We live in the age of the Internet, don’t stop your research with Suits mentioned in this article, Google any designer brand product you want and you will find you can find the true cost of the product. Judge your clothes by the physical quality of the clothes themselves not Labels. And always remember the hard truth

Anyone wearing a Designer Label in Zimbabwe it is Fake or even worse the person is fake.

Anyone wearing a Designer Label in Zimbabwe it’s Fake

Now this statement is no longer Dramatic

Always remember…

Anyone who talks about Designer Labels in Zimbabwe is either….

Very Rich or Very Ignorant!!!

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