Quick Tips On Color Coordination

Colour Coordination

Colours are like kids and employees.  Some work together, and get along just fine; others will always fight. You can do everything right in fashion but if you fail to coordinate colours on your outfit you will look like a clown. Colour coordination should never be overlooked by the man building a wardrobe. Wearing the right colours is just as important in an outfit as proper fit since colours have to ability to make or break an outfit. They can make a man look tasteless and boring or they can make a man look loud and foolish. However, don’t worry since we have created a cheat list to help you be your best… Read on to find out how

RULE 1 = Monochromatic One Colour Look  

The Monochromatic One Colour Look, is when you wear Only one colour, you can also wear different shades, tones or tints of that same colour.

As you can see this one of the most basic and easiest ways and you can add some contrast to this combination by using texture and pattern. Some of your clothing items can be smooth; others rough in texture. Some items could be patterned; others solid however you will only use one colour.

RULE 2 = 2 Colour Combination

You only use 2 Colours

Can’t make it any easier than that!

With this easy hack, you’ll never have to worry about wearing the wrong colours together again. Two colours per outfit is the Sweet spot of all Colour Coordination, you will never go wrong and best of all, it will always look on point. You can forget everything else but if you remember only this 1 rule you will definitely be one of the best dressed person at work or among your friends.

RULE 3 = 3 Colour Combination

When you reach 3 colours on your outfit it becomes very tricky and you must be very careful since for a man you can not just mix any 3 colours and claim to be colour blocking. If you take a minute to imagine a grown man colour blocking 3 different colours you will agree with me.

However, here is the trick to do it the answer is called Neutral Colours

Neutrals are colours that work well with all other colours. They are impossible to clash, which is why they make great supporting pieces.

Examples of neutral colours are:

  • Black
  • White
  • Grey
  • Navy
  • Brown

Since neutrals won’t clash, you can mix them any way you wish.

Here is a Cheat List of colour combinations you will never get wrong 

Black and white

Navy and burgundy

A perfect match if there ever was one. Burgundy is my colour of choice for the colder months, it really adds an element of warmth when the temperatures drop.

Navy and Tan

A classic combination, and stone tonal outfits are a big trend this season. A great choice for smart casual.

Black and Grey or Black, Grey and White

Red and Black
Navy Blue and White
Brown and White
Green with White, Brown or Black
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